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I was born and raised in Southern California and gave my life to Christ when I was 16 years old after seeing the radical change in a high school friend who had become a Christian only a few months before. My life was transformed, and I have never looked back! I have been a Pastor since 1988, initially serving in middle school and high school ministries. For the last 20 years, my passion has been young adult ministry. Young adulthood is the time of life when people are making life-long decisions, like what they will do for a living, who they will marry, and the kind of person they will be. It is so important that Christ is the foundation on which they stand as they make these major decisions in life. I’m just grateful to God that He has allowed me to teach His Word to these young people!


Born: 1964

Spouse: Stephanie

Married Since: 2005

Hobbies: Traveling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Backpacking, Volleyball, Fishing, Reading, Guitar, Gardening, Building Things, Walks with my wife, and naps