Revival Kids at Home

Pre School (2-4yrs) || God’s Wonderful Gift

Elementary (5yrs – 5th grade) || Emotions – Konnect

  • God made us to have emotions, and God has them, too. During this four-week series, elementary students will learn that God is always with them to help them figure out why they feel the way they do, and how to deal with it. Whether the emotions feel good or bad, they can be helpful. Students will learn to pay attention to their emotions, learn to name them, and talk to God and trusted leaders, parents, and friends to help them sort through them. They will remember God’s grace—and that He’s with them to help them get back on track no matter how they’re feeling.

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DEVOTIONAL (PDF): Jesus Gives Us HOPE! Teach your kids about serving others, then color and write a note to our local hospital.

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