Equipped To Serve is a 16-week class for people wanting to get involved in serving.  This class equips individuals in the area of Christian character and service in order that they might serve Christ as Lord, the church as family and the world as those in need of the Savior, all for the glory of God.  Join us on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. in The Loft.

Week 1 – Being a Servant

Week 2 – Qualifications of the Servant

Week 3 – Vision/ Balancing Ministry

Week 4 – Servants of the Word & Prayer

Week 5 – Making & Being Disciples

Week 6 – Intro to Biblical Guidance

Week 7 – Biblical Guidance Solving Main Problem

Week 8 – Biblical Guidance Role Play

Week 9 – Inductive Bible Study

Week 10 – Greek Study Tools

Week 11 – Sharing The Word

Week 12 – Essential Doctrines – Part 1

Week 13 – Essential Doctrines – Part 2

Week 14 – Essential Doctrines – Part 3

Week 15 – World Religions & Cults

Week 16 – Revival Ministry Presentations

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Connection Class

Connection Class

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Foundations In Truth

Foundations In Truth

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Equipped To Serve

Equipped To Serve

In-depth biblical teaching on how to be a servant.