Our hope is to connect and build a lasting relationship with everyone that serves at Revival Christian Fellowship. There are many ways to serve the Lord and we are thankful you chose to serve with Revival Kids!

Our Process

  1. Ministry Application: Use the contact form, stop by the church office during business hours or Revival Kids during service times to pickup a Ministry Application. It’s the first step in letting us know you are committed to serving. Make sure to thoughtfully answer all the questions and ask us for help if needed. We are here to help you grow as you take the next step in your walk of faith!
  2. Connections Class: The connection class is an introduction into how Revival Christian Fellowship fulfills its mission statement of helping people grow in the image of Jesus Christ, through the threefold process of Salvation, Sanctification, and Service.
  3. Revival Kids Orientation: Connect with the Revival Kids ministry, getting to know how we minister to children from Newborn to 5th grade.
  4. Revival Kids Equipping: Dig in and learn hands-on what it means to serve in your role. We’ll be right there with you training and equipping you to serve!

Our Roles

  1. Classroom Guide: Before and after service our classroom guides help parents and children check-in and safely get to classrooms.
  2. Helper: Assist the teacher in maintaining an environment of learning God’s word.
  3. Teacher: Study the lesson, and teach God’s Word!


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