In the last several weeks, we at Revival Christian Fellowship have monitored guidelines and best practices for gathering in a safe way. After a significant amount of prayer and ongoing preparation, we will begin to meet on Sundays night May 17, and 24 at 6:30 PM on the back lawn for a time of worship and study in God’s Word. For those two evenings, those attending will need to bring their own chairs and socially distance out on the back lawn.

Then on Sunday, May 31 Revival will be reunited as the church in the sanctuary for our normal service times at 8, 9:45, 11:30 AM. We are committed to creating an environment that ensures everyone’s safety. To make this possible, our services have been redesigned to create a sanitary, touchless environment that allows for physical distancing. This includes a significantly reduced capacity, so we ask that you go online in advance to save seats on behalf of your family. At this time, Revival Kids and Youth will not be meeting, so make sure to save seats for your kids, too!

Be Sure to Save Your Seat

Revival Christian Fellowship will open with significantly reduced capacity to allow adequate distancing, so we ask that you save your seats online in advance on behalf of your family. At this time, Revival Kids and Youth will not be meeting, so make sure to save seats for your kids, too! To allow time for check-in, be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the service starts and have your phone ready with your confirmation email so you can check-in, and we can keep an accurate count. If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the service starts, we may need to give your seats to someone on the waiting list.

Reserve My Seat

Revival Kids and Fusion Youth

At this time, Revival Kids will not be open at any of our locations. We hope to meet again soon and will let you know when Revival Kids is open. Your entire family is welcome to attend church, and we encourage you to continue teaching your kids about Jesus using the Revival Kids At Home lessons being posted each week!

Don’t forget—your Fusion students can stay tuned to Fusion on Instagram for online services that speak directly to what they are experiencing.

Revival Online

For the past several weeks, we’ve been grateful for the ability to worship together at Revival Online, and we encourage you to continue to attend Revival Online if you or a family member doesn’t feel well, or if you’re just not ready to attend church at a physical location. You’re part of the Revival family, no matter where you choose to attend!

Revival Online is also a great option if you want to invite a friend to join you! On Sundays at 8:00, 9:45, and 11:30 AM, you can head to live.revival.tv to experience worship, the message, and the community of your church family through live chat and prayer. The same online community can also be found on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live at our regular service times.

Visit Revival Online

Let’s Work Together to Stay Healthy

What We’re Doing:

  • Additional hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the building.

  • Every other row in the sanctuary will be closed to follow physical distancing guidelines.

  • All Revival Christian Fellowship services will be a touchless experience, and all high-volume areas will be thoroughly sanitized between services.

  • We will utilize the front doors as the only entrance and the side doors as the only exits. The traffic will flow in one direction before and after Worship Services.

  • We will ensure our hosts, greeters, and ushers use smiles and waves instead of hugs, handshakes, and high fives. We will encourage all our church family to do the same.

  • We will reduce the number of restrooms available to ensure each can be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Revival Kids will not be open at this time (visit revival.tv/kids for weekly lessons).

  • Fusion Youth will not be open at this time but will continue to meet online.

  • No water fountains will be open or usable.

  • No hospitality food or beverages will be offered.

  • Offering bags will not be passed. Instead, offering boxes located on the walls of the sanctuary that can be used by guests who want to give.

  • All seatback materials, bible, papers, and pencils will be removed.

How You Can Help:

  • If you don’t feel well or have health concerns, please stay home and join us at Revival Online.

  • We encourage you to wear a mask if that will make you feel comfortable but do know others may choose not to wear a mask, so please be respectful of others.

  • Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often.

  • Maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and other guests.

We Want to Pray for You

We understand how hard this season has been and we’re praying for God’s guidance and wisdom in all of the choices you face in the weeks ahead.

Ask For Prayer

One Step At A Time

Our approach from the beginning has been that we will take this situation week by week. When we suspended services, we looked at the situation one week at a time, and we will take the same approach for reuniting. As more information becomes available, we will take appropriate steps forward while keeping everyone’s health and safety a priority.

Aside from Sunday’s Services, no other gatherings will be held at this time.

As suggested restrictions continue to ease up, we will review and revise the weekly ministry we make available.