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A Model Church – Part 1

Perfection is a concept that is difficult to live up to and when we are speaking of the family of God or the church community perfect is not always, what we find. However, thanks to Jesus Christ and His grace we can serve the Lord with all enthusiasm and humbleness. Let’s listen […]

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The Ministry of the Unnoticed

Blessed are the poor in spirit . . . —Matthew 5:3 The New Testament notices things that do not seem worthy of notice by our standards. “Blessed are the poor in spirit . . . .” This literally means, “Blessed are the paupers.” Paupers are remarkably commonplace! The preaching of today tends […]

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Women’s Fall Study

Ladies on Thursday, September 18 at 9:30am and 6:30pm we will start our Fall Bible Study, “Walk In The Spirit” a study in Galatians written by Cheryl Brodersen. The study is available in several formats including: Regular Study- -15 minutes of homework each day for 6 days. We work through the text […]

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