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One of the things we are passionate about is reaching the next generation. When children grow up knowing they are loved by God and created by Him for a purpose, it doesn’t just change their lives, but it can impact the family through future generations.

Revival Kids ministers to every age from nursery through elementary school. Our classes are designed specifically for each age group to best help your kids learn about Jesus in a fun, safe place. This is more than just child care; each week your kids get to engage in a high-energy classroom where they learn the Bible through stories, music, games and small groups.

A Place Where Kids Learn About Jesus On Their Level

Your First Visit

From the moment you pull in the parking lot, you’ll notice lots of friendly faces eager to show you the way.

Your first stop when you arrive is the first-time check in area. We want to serve you and your child well, so we’ll take some time to get to know you. We’ll ask about allergies, make sure we know what your child likes to be called, and collect your contact information.

Then, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during the service, you’ll see your kid’s code in the on the screen. This sticker is also what you’ll use to pick-up your child after service.

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