Teaching High School Students God's Word

Chris Amaro


High School

Sundays at 9:45 & 11:30 AM
Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

Room 31

9th-12th Grade Students

We desire that High School students would truly establish their relationship with the Lord as their own during these four years. We hope that they will take genuine ownership of their walks with God. We want them to realize that the greatest joy and satisfaction they can possess is found only in Jesus. We pray that the High School Ministry would be a place of community—where students can connect, worship freely, and dive into God’s Word, all while having fun along the way.

Latest Events

Jr. High Super Mariokart Tournament

Jun 27, 2024

Jr. High is hosting a Mario Cart tournament on Thursday, June 27, from 5:30 to 9:30 PM. Gamers can compete for the ultimate title while having…

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High School Summer Camp

Jul 7, 2024

Students will enjoy tent camping in the beautiful natural setting of the San Bernardino National Forest. Each day will include two worship sessions, Bible study, campfires,…

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Jr. High Summer Camp

Jul 13, 2024

At Summer Camp, friendships form, hearts soften, walls come down, and lives transform! Removing junior high students from their routine and into a distraction-free space allows…

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Jr. High Beach Trip

Aug 2, 2024

Hey, Jr. High students! Get ready for a fun day in the sun at Oceanside on Friday, August 2. We’ll kick off at Revival at 10:00…

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Jr. High Pool Party

Aug 11, 2024

Join us for a fun pool party with pizza provided for Jr. High students on Sunday, August 11, from 1:30 – 5:30 PM. Remember to wear…

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Jr. High Servanthood Sunday

Aug 25, 2024

Jr. High students, let’s put some feet to our faith by serving after church from 1:00-2:45 PM. We will help around the church by cleaning and…

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